Padideh Soft Integrated System

Software systems are one of the important knowledge in pharmaceutical and herbal pharmaceutical and agricultural projects, the existence of one-piece systems that consist of practical and intelligent modules in the field of managing the processes of herbal medicines are of great importance.
The Padidehsoft package is an integrated management software that was analyzed in the Pasteur Institute of Iran in 2017 along with the German Pharmatech team and until now about 15 modules of this software have been put into operation and the purpose of implementing this software is to control Mechatronics is a herbal pharmaceutical project. In this software, all production processes of clean products are monitored. This intelligent integrated system has the ability to connect to the production lines by PLC of each machine, while in the sales system, the product basket of each pharmacy and herbal medicine distribution center is connected to the core of the system. This integrated management software (ERP) has the possibility of connecting through various network protocols and net platforms and all matters of product production, technical and engineering operations, storage, and in general everything that is involved in the production and sale of a herbal medicinal product. It observes, documents, validates and monitors what happens.

Sales Management

Market analysis system

Production management

Management and quality assurance
Machine documentation

Technical And Engineering

Preparation technical maps of food and drug organization
Process analyzer
Smart clean room

Laboratory management

ECTD manager
DMF manager

Pharmaceutical management

Formulation management
URS management
SOP management